250 Word Challenge
OMG, I’m in the desert and my phone is on 1%! Oh right I will tell you how I got here. I was in my room and I suddenly fell out my bedroom window and landed in a hole. It took me here. Should I call someone for help? Or should I take a selfie? I’ll take a selfie. Now my phone is dead. By the way my names Mackenzie. I’m 14 years old. *Gasp* LOOK OVER THERE! It looks like a hairy version of my mum. I step closer and it comes up to me, picks me up and put me on his back. He’s a giant hairy zebra. He took me to a box, put me down and left. I walk closer and open the door. A strong light beams out, I step back then step closer again, as I step closer I trip over a rock, fall forward into the box and the door closes. I bang on the door as hard as I can and then the box shakes, I fall to the ground and then it suddenly turns calm. I open the door and find myself back in my room. I think about what just happened and I decide to keep it to myself and forget about it. I go and put my phone on charge then I hear my mum’s voice. “TIME FOR DINNER”. I run down stairs as fast as I can. I am starving. So that was my day.

Literacy task role model-Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is a role model to me because she is a great actor and she wanted to be and actor so she followed her dream and finally became famous and one of the best actors there is. Rebel Wilson doesn’t care what people think of her. Not everyone likes everyone but Rebel Wilson ignored the people who disliked her. Rebel Wilson said when she was just a girl in Sydney, no one thought, ‘Oh, she’s going to be a movie star.’ No one. She had to get by with actual skill and talent.

Rebel Wilson

Year 6 Camp

Year 6 Camp

On the 20th of April the year 6s all met at the Waurn Ponds train station to go to Melbourne. We stayed at Hotel Miami. On the first day we went to the zoo and the shrine of remembrance. We went to Captain Melville for dinner. On Monday night we got a tour of the Etihad Stadium. In the morning (Tuesday morning) we had breakfast and then went to the Victoria market then went to MSAC (swimming centre). After that we went back to Miami Hotel and then went to Dragon Boat for dinner (Chinese restaurant). We then went on the Melbourne Star, it took 30 minutes for it to go around once. When we got off we went to the ice house and went ice skating. Then we went back to our rooms and went to sleep. The next day we went to federation square and we also went down an alley way and looked at some graffiti. We then got to go to 7Eleven and then we went home.                                                    

Reflection on cybersaftey


Today we learnt about cybersaftey these are some of the main points:

  1. Your social media should be private
  2. Think before you post something
  3. Tell an adult that you trust if you are being bullied or cyberbullied 
  4. Dont be a bystander when it comes to bullying or cyberbullying
  5. When you are on social media make sure your in a room where your parents can see what your doing
  6. Dont let people follow you if you don’t know them
  7. Report anyone who is making rude and inappropriate comments

Goals for 2015

My goals for 2015 are…

  1. Improve on my percentages and decimals

  2. Achieve my maths goals

  3. Attend workshops to help me with my learning

  4. Get better at my spelling





News Reflection

In this task I enjoyed working with Hannah J, Maya R, Saasha M and Eva-May J. Hannah J was the person who introduced the show, Maya and I were doing the weather, Saasha was updating us on current news and Eva-may was filling us in on some sport news. I think I could have spoken a bit louder and filmed inside because you could hear the wind. I think that I did use my time wisely. I think that our group worked really well together. I think that we filmed well but our video got deleted so we had to quickly film again in 10 minutes, and it was really rushed. 

Big Idea Reflection

Reflection on my workshop

I think my sharing session went well because Abbey and I spoke clearly and explained what words meant if they didn’t understand the words.

Next time I think I could improve on knowing my information better and not having to look to see where I was at.

The most interesting thing o learnt from my research was that Scotland has 800 islands.

Reflection on Mia Y’s workshop-MIGRATION STORY

This presentation was about peoples migration storys.

The most interesting thing I learnt was that in one of the storys black people were not treated fairly and were not aloud to do things that we were aloud to do.

I liked it because I learnt about peoples migration storys and what people were going through.



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